The financial planning cycle

1. Identify your needs and objectives –  As a first step, we will arrange a free, strictly confidential, initial consultation. We will explain fully how the service works, discuss your primary financial needs and objectives and then answer your initial questions. By hearing how we work with our clients, you’ll have the opportunity to make sure that our service will be of value to you. 

2. Gather Information –  If it is agreed that you could benefit from our service, we will go into much greater detail with you, looking at your objectives and developing them into well defined goals. At the same time we will gather detailed financial information to give you a comprehensive picture of your finances and commitments.

3. Identify your risk profile  – One key element in the financial planning process is to identify your comfort level when we talk about investment risk. We will ask you to complete a scientifically developed questionnaire to help create your investment risk profile. We will then discuss the outcome with you to ensure you are confident it reflects your real views.

4. Prepare an analysis – Once these details have been agreed with you, the information is used to complete a personal financial plan. This includes a complex analysis of your current financial position, and looks to identify any areas where it is felt your existing financial arrangements could be more effective, or where you have no plans in place, to achieve your stated objectives.

5. Develop a plan of action – Now, with a full understanding of your circumstances and priorities, we undertake in-depth independent research to identify suitable solutions and to construct your Financial Plan. This report sets out specific and realistic recommendations designed to achieve your stated objectives, both in the short and longer term.

6. Implement your plan – We will then present you with your own plan. At this meeting each recommendation will be carefully explained and all your questions answered. It is, of course, your decision whether to implement those strategies in full, or in part. Attainment of your goals, whether it be some or all of the recommendations will only arise from positive action and your own desire to make this happen. 

7. Monitor your progress  – As a client of ours, your Asset and Lifestyle Management Programme is regularly reviewed. We make sure your plan is working towards achieving its objectives. Each review also takes account of any changes in your personal circumstances, finance market conditions and relevant legislation. 

Cost / Fee structure 

Jonathan Richards Financial Consultancy Ltd is pleased to offer a competitively priced independant advice service. Full details are available in the documents listed below which explain our terms of business and fee structures. Our competitive position in the marketplace has been verified using My Touchstone, Which, Moneywise, and Telegraph online. A full explanation of our charging structures would normally be given during the initial consultation stage.

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Terms of Business & Fee structure for Investment & Insurance

Terms of Business & Fee structure for Mortgages & Insurance

Terms of Business & Fee structure for Ongoing Advice and Servicing of your Investments